wifi key recovery no root

Wifi Key Recovery No Root

To see saved WiFi password in android without root privileges. Download and install ES File Explorer on your device if not pre installed. Run the app and Go to system folder in it. Tap on wpa supplicant conf to view the list of all the wife source remembered by your Android smartphone tablet

What is WiFi Root?

  1. WiFi Password ROOT is an app that displays all the WiFi passwords stored in your Android
  2. That being said, it won’t let you hack or audit WiFi networks.
  3. It’s very important to remember that, as the app’s name suggests
  4. it’s essential to have a device with Root access to be able to use it.

What is Wifi Key?

  •  WPA and WPA2 Keys Wi-Fi Protected Access is the primary security standard used on Wi-Fi networks.
  • The original WPA standard was introduced in 1999, replacing an older standard called Equivalent Privacy.

What is Wifi Hotspot?

  • A hotspot is a physical location where people may obtain Internet access typically using Wi-Fi.
  •  technology via a wireless local area network WLAN using a router connected to an internet service

what is wifi device?

  • We have become accustomed to having internet in the palm of our hand 24 hours a day
  • whenever we need it so when we travel and the excessive costs of data roaming come into play we become frustrated.
  • This is where a portable WiFi router saves the day hoorah It might sound and look very high tech
  • but these palm sized gadgets can get you online, anywhere in the world at affordable prices and they are very easy to use

 how Does Wifi Work? 

  • WiFi works off of the same principal as other wireless devices – it uses radio frequencies to send signals between devices.


  • The radio frequencies are completely different say from walky talkies car radios cell phones, and weather radios.


  • For example your car stereo receives frequencies in Kilohertz and Megahertz range (AM and FM stations), and WiFi transmits and receives data in the Gigahertz range

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