Soni 2019 Full Movie Watch Online Full Hd

Soni 2019 Full Movie Watch Online Full Hd
Soni 2019 Full Movie Watch Online Full Hd
Soni 2019 Full Movie Watch Online Full Hd
Soni 2019 Full Movie
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Soni 2019 Movie Story

Two policewomen in New Delhi rub up against sexual harassment, gender expectations, and the exhaustion of the job’s constant pressures in Ivan Ayr’s understated gem of a debut, “Soni.”

With an intelligent, subtle script and camerawork so organically natural one doesn’t immediately realize that each scene is shot in one take, the film draws on a subject much in the news and spins it into a multilayered yet low-key study without preaching or sensationalizing.

When indie Indian films make a splash away from home they tend to be sentimental feel-good dramedies; with the right marketing, “Soni” could break the pattern and become an international art-house sleeper.

Soni 2019 Movie Story Review

Undercover cop Soni (Geetika Vidya Ohlyan) works the night shift as part of a decoy operation targeting violent crimes against women.

Naturally no-nonsense and under considerable strain from personal issues (not fully revealed until near the end), she’s quick to anger when pushed, such as one evening when a cheeky cyclist’s verbal harassment crosses the line and she gives him a pounding.

Given how she’s scolded by her superior, Kalpana Ummat (Saloni Batra), clearly this isn’t the first time she’s lost control, but the superintendent values Soni’s work and knows she’s going through a rough patch.

Soni 2019 Movie Cast And Details


 Ivan Ayr


 Ivan Ayr, Kislay Kislay


 Geetika Vidya Ohlyan, Saloni Batra, Vikas Shukla 




Official Sites:

Official Facebook|Official site





Release Date:

18 January 2019 (Singapore) 

Also Known As:


Filming Locations:

New Delhi, India

‘Soni’ – first trailer for Venice Horizons title


Screen can exclusively reveal the first trailer to ‘Soni’, the feature debut of filmmaker Ivan Ayr, which has its world premiere in Horizons at Venice Film Festival 2018


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