Shamitabh Full Movie Watch Online Full Hd Amitabh Bachan

Shamitabh Full Movie Watch Online Full Hd Amitabh Bachan
Shamitabh Full Movie Watch Online Full Hd Amitabh Bachan


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Shamitabh Full Movie Story

The film revolves around a very unique plot where it shows two different individuals having different talents and when they become ONE the mixture measures up to be a very big hit in the industry.

But in the meantime EGO comes in the way and prepares to shatter the bond into pieces Dhanush is a mute aspiring actor from a small village but with great acting talents.

Amitabh has a very impactful voice Both on their own can not achieve any greatness in the film industry But with a help of a third party Aksara Hassan

when they come together, the talents combined, make a complete new Artist. Dhanush becomes the actor onscreen and Amitabh becomes his Voice.

Shamitabh Full Movie Review

So Shamitabh has a lovely concept a boy falls in love with the movies and dreams of becoming a star He has pizzazz, passion presence  but no voice Daanish Dhanush is born mute his soul like the film-mad lad of Cinema Paradiso finding utterance with movies Igatpuri’s bus conductor rather like a certain Rajini Sir determined to achieve stardom.

Daanish hits Film City and impresses assistant director Akshara Haasan but directors reject a mute hero Akshara’s doctor dad introduces Daanish to technology which using embedded micro-recorders and ear-pieces, enables a mute person to communicate via a ‘borrowed’ voice.

Daanish and Akshara find the perfect voice – that of Amitabh Sinha Bachchan a failed actor snubbed due to his baritone who lives in a graveyard, soaked in whisky and cynicism.

Amitabh’s tickled by the idea of making his rejected voice successful and the ‘Shamitabh’ team becomes a super-hit

Shamitabh Movie Details


R. Balki


R. Balki


Amitabh BachchanDhanushAkshara Haasan


Comedy | Drama | Thriller





Release Date:

6 February 2015 (UK)

Shamitabh Movie Full Cast

Amitabh Bachchan Amitabh Bachchan
Amitabh Sinha / Shamitabh
Dhanush Dhanush
Daanish / Shamitabh
Akshara Haasan Akshara Haasan
Akshara Pandey
Abhinaya Abhinaya
Pete Meads Pete Meads
Police Officer
Rukmini Vijayakumar Rukmini Vijayakumar

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