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Movie Story:
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When a group of teens in financial ruin decide to rob the local antique store, they discover an old wooden tomb containing a Mummy’s corpse and an ancient amulet.

But what they don’t realise is that this tomb is cursed, and when the amulet is separated from it’s master, he will do anything to get it back. Our burglars must save the day and return the Mummy to it’s tomb before it is too late to save the world.

Movie review:
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I’ve seen many a film start with a quote from a philosopher or statesman, The Mummy Reborn begins with a quote from Kanye West.

That should have been all I needed to know. But I have a responsibility to you, my readers, so I continued watching, so you wouldn’t have to.Tina (Tiffany-Ellen Robinson) is in a bind. Her mother died leaving her with the mortgage on the house and her mentally challenged brother Max (Victor Toth).

Home care worker Barb (Rita Siddiqui, Pet Graveyard) says she should institutionalize him. The antique store she works at is closing, leaving her jobless. However her boyfriend Luke (Chris Kaye, There’s No Such Thing As Zombies) has an idea, they’ll steal the mummy and priceless jewel from the store and sell it.

Movie Cast And Details:
Director                                  Dan Allen

Writer                              Dan AllenScott Jeffrey

Stars                                         Becca HiraniTara MacGowranRita Siddiqui |

Genres                                       Adventure

Country                                     UK

Language                               English

Release Date                           4 April 2019 (UK)
THE MUMMY REBORN Official Trailer (2019)

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