Maatr Full Movie Watch Online Full Hd Raveena Tandon

Maatr Full Movie Watch Online Full Hd Raveena Tandon
Maatr Full Movie Watch Online Full Hd Raveena Tandon
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Maatr Full Movie Story

Vidya Chauhan (Raveena) a school teacher and her teenage daughter Tia Alisha are raped assaulted and dumped on the roadside Tia succumbs to her injuries while Vidya survives.

Since the police are dragging their feet all over the investigation Vidya devises her own revenge strategy

Maatr Movie Full (Review)

Delhi, where this film is based is often referred to as the rape capital of India And the film’s sole intention is to serve as a wake-up call for the atrocities against women So you applaud the intention However the film itself is over-dramatized account of the heinous crime and what follows Minutes into the movie.

you see how a mother and daughter end up taking a wrong turn and unwittingly find themselves at the home of Apurva Malik Madhur Mittal the wayward son of a politician High on substance he and his gang of morally depraved friends are ever ready to score. They rape and abuse Vidya and Tia in a brutal way, leaving you anguished. And, even before you can recover from the viciousness of it all these two are flung from the car onto the kerb in Nirbhaaya style making you flinch further.

Obviously the idea is to get people out of their slumber but to achieve better results, the screenplay and characterization needed to be sharper Instead it plays out like a drill Mother is hospitalized Her insensitive husband mourns the loss of his daughter but wants to divorce her An artist friend Ritu Divya Jagdale provides succour. And the police are stereotypes, who mouth ridiculous lines like PM desh ko shape karne ki baat kar rahe hain aur yeh rape ki baat kar rahi hai.

Next the mother, pulls off her bandages, steps on the treadmill and adorns the avenging angel avatar. Turn by turn, she plots the murders of the men who wronged her. Of course because her suffering has been so deep you empathize with her initially However her brand of vigilantism violence is equally disturbing.

Maatr Movie Release Date

Initial release: 21 April 2017
Director: Ashtar Sayed
Hindi: मातृ
Language: Hindi
Written by: Michael Pellico

Maatr Movie Full Cast

Raveena Tandon Raveena Tandon
Vidya Chauhan
Madhur Mittal Madhur Mittal
Apurva Malik
Divya Jagdale Divya Jagdale
Anurag Arora Anurag Arora
Inspector Jayant Shroff
Alisha Khan Alisha Khan
Rushad Rana Rushad Rana
Ravi Chauhan
Saheem Khan Saheem Khan
Inspector Akhil
Bhuvan Kaila Bhuvan Kaila
Harshit Poojary

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