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Movie Info:

Our history is replete with numberless stories of braverywhich is able to shock one and every oneadditionalsurprising is that the indisputable fact that such a big amount of such brave tales don’t seem to be even knownpopularly. The Battle of Saragarhi is one such story. 10,000 troopers fighting against a troop of simply twenty onemen – on the story level itself, it’s quite intriguing and even exciting. some of filmmakers did show interest during this project except for numerous reasons, these ventures couldn’t occur. Finally, Akshay Kumar in conjunction withDharma Productions and director Anurag Singh created it happen with KESARI. thus will KESARI offer ample diversion and loyalty doses? Or will it fail to awaken the emotions? 
KESARI is that the story of gallantry and bravado. The year is 1897. Hawaldar Ishar Singh (Akshay Kumar) is announce somewhere within the contemporary Khyber Pakhtunkhwa within the Sikh regiment. The regiment witnesses a lady on the point of get killed by a gaggle of Afghan member for not adhering to her wedding. Despite the superior British officer telling him to not become involved, Ishar attacks the Afghans and saves the girlthe British officer is furious and as social control, Ishar is transferred to Saragarhi Fort, thought of as an area wherever‘nothing happens’. Ishar Singh reaches there Associate in Nursingd realizes the twenty Sikh troopers announcewithin the fort as a part of thirty sixth regiment area unit creating merry since they’re aware there’s no method an emergency or war like scenario can ever arise. Ishar makes an attempt to penalise them however realizes that they’re robust and have a fraternal feeling towards one another. Meanwhile, the assorted Afghan tribe chiefs unite and judge to attack the Saragarhi Fort and conjointly Fort Gulistan and Fort Lockhart and therefore defeat the British. The Afghans area unit aware that there area unit a few of Sikh troopers in Saragarhi and thencethey’d be simply defeated. they start their march. Ishar Singh and therefore the others within the fort get appalled as around ten,000 member stand outside the gate of the fort and every one set to attack. Ishar gets Associate in Nursingorder from the British to remain place at the fort. they’re unable to produce facilitate because the Afghans have interrupt all routes to Saragarhi. Ishar asks his regiment that fighting such a big amount of folks are fatal whichthey’ll all run away. The troopers but refuse to flee and selected to fight and die. What happens next forms the remainder of the film.

Girish Kohli and Anurag Singh’s story is fascinating and sacredthough there has been a tv series on this battle, still this episode hasn’t got its due. Hence, KESARI is bound to coach viewers on this landmark incident of Indian history. Girish Kohli and Anurag Singh’s script is effective for many elementsthe primary [*fr1] has some light-weight yet as tense moments. however it’s conjointly weak at some places and will are higher written. howeverthe last half is wherever the writers do a wonderful job. they need written the sequences terribly merely and thence, viewers are able to comprehend what’s occurring. Also, drama is incredibly well infused in war sequences to stay audiences affixed to their seats. Girish Kohli and Anurag Singh’s dialogues area unit sharp and conjointlyfunny at places. Moreover, they’re clapworthy and relevant in today’s times.

Anurag Singh’s direction is neat and uncomplicated. The sequences flow o.k. though within the half, he may have done a stronger job. He manages to stir anger towards Afghans among the viewers. Also, the twenty one Sikh troopers are literally fighting on behalf of the British and this angle may have affected the impact. however the director takes care of this side nicely. Throughout the last half, one simply roots for the thirty sixth regiment and wish them to emerge victorious. On the flipside, one desires the execution was very little higher at bound points.

KESARI encompasses a fine half and it’s in the main used for the build-up and to introduce the characters. There area unit places wherever one will feel a small amount foiled because the goings-on don’t seem to be that nice. Also, the romantic track is damp pyrotechnichowever the manufacturers compensate with the introduction sequence, the scene of the hen and with the scene of the Sikhs reconstruction the house of worship within thevillage. The intermission arrives at a good purpose and it sets the tone for the last half. Post-interval, the film goes on a high with many scenes arising to be clap and whistle worthy. Films typically suffer from the curse of the last half however KESARI is Associate in Nursing exception. The scene wherever Ishar wears the kesari-coloured turban and arrives ahead of the regiment is bound to form a riot! The battle scenes area unit a treat to look atbecause the troopers use clever techniques to eliminate the Afghans. At a similar time, the way within which the troopers begin to die one by one conjointly have an effect on you showing emotion. The climax is bound to administer a lump within the throats of the viewers however the manufacturers add a pleasant heroic angle here that’ll sure elevate the nationalistic spirits among viewers.

Talking of performances, Akshay Kumar delivers a wonderful performance. He appearance all in character. explorehis restrained smile once one Sikh troopers urinates to bawl out the Afghans! Or in fact within the climax once he’s down however not out. one more spectacular performance from this gifted performer! Parineeti Chopra (Jiwani Kaur), attributable as special look, doesn’t contribute abundant to the film. Her scenes, wherever she options in Ishar’s thoughts, don’t add abundantplayer Toranj Kayvon (Afghani lady) makes rather more impact compared. Mir Sarwar (Khan Masud) leaves the most restrain of the Afghani tribesmen. Bhawani Muzamil (mysterious sniper) gets to play a badass character and he’s quite fun. Rakesh Chaturvedi (Mullah) plays the evil character well. Ashwath Bhatt (Gul Badshah Khan) is tight. From the Sikh troopers, Surmeet Singh port as Gurmukh Singh is that the best and encompasses a terribly crucial half to essay. Vansh Bharadwaj (Lance Naik Chanda Singh) conjointlywill a fine job.

Music may not have a extended period of time however works well within the film. The terribly diverting ‘Sanu Kehndi’ is unfortunately missing from the film. Same goes for ‘Ajj Singh Garjega’. ‘Deh Shiva’ seems to be the most effective and used o.k.. ‘Teri Mitti’ is kind of moving. Raju Singh’s background score offers the film a heroic feel.

Kesari (2019) Movie Cast And Details:


Anurag Singh


Girish Kohli, Anurag Singh


Akshay Kumar, Parineeti Chopra, Suvinder Vicky |


Cast overview, first billed only:
Akshay Kumar Akshay Kumar Havildar Ishar Singh
Parineeti Chopra Parineeti Chopra Jiwani
Suvinder Vicky Suvinder Vicky Nakula Singh
Vansh Bhardwaj Vansh Bhardwaj Lancenaikchandra Singh
Sumeet Basran Sumeet Basran Gurmukh Singh
Ajit Singh Ajit Singh Nand Singh
Sandeep Nafar Sandeep Nafar B. Singh
Harwinder Singh Aujla Harwinder Singh Aujla Dava Singh
Rakesh Sharma Rakesh Sharma Bhola Singh
Adhrit Sharma Adhrit Sharma Uttam Singh
Vivek Saini Vivek Saini Jiwan Singh
Harbhagwan Singh Harbhagwan Singh Bhagwan Singh
Rajdeep Singh Dhaliwal Rajdeep Singh Dhaliwal Ram Singh
Gurpreet Toti Gurpreet Toti
Harry Brar Harry Brar Sundar Singh


Action | Drama | History | War


Official Sites:

Official Site





Release Date:

21 March 2019 (USA)

Also Known As:

Soormey Aka Saragarhi Aka Battle of Saragarhi

Filming Locations:

Maharashtra, India

Did You Know?


This is the first time Akshay Kumar and Parineeti Chopra will be paired together.

Kesari | Official Trailer | Akshay Kumar | Parineeti Chopra | Anurag Singh | 21st March


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