Game of Death II (1981) Hindi Dubbed Full Movie Watch Online HD

Game of Death II (1981)
Game of Death II (1981) Hindi Dubbed Movie Story

While researching his companion Chin Ku’s (Hwang Jang Lee) passing, military craftsman Billy Lo (Bruce Lee) is executed.

His more youthful sibling, Bobby Lo (Kim Tai Chung), researches the two passings. His pursuit takes him to Japan, where he becomes friends with Lewis (Roy Horan), ace of the Castle Of Death.

In any case, when Lewis is mercilessly killed, Bobby must research the baffling Fan Yu sanctuary, where he should enter an underground pagoda and go head to head with the most frightening of adversaries.

Game of Death II (1981)

Game of Death II (1981) Movie Review

Much better than ‘Game of Death.’ Bruce Lee’s part was small, and only a double was used for a small portion of his bit.
There is some excellent fight choregraphy exhibited, and by many who are not big-name people. The final bout between Tong Lung and the villain (whose evil demeanor is almost laughable) is lengthy and exhausting, as the two experts battle it out.
The infiltration of the Tower of Death is a bit ridiculous, for it looks like an old set from a bad idea for a James Bond action flick (the henchmen’s silver outfits were a bit too much as well).

Game of Death II (1981) Movie Cast


See-Yuen Ng (as Ng See-Yuan), Sammo Kam-Bo Hung(co-director) (uncredited) |


Tin Shing Hoh, Chuo-Lun Ting


Bruce Lee, Tae-jeong Kim, Jung-Lee Hwang



 | Mystery

[ Trailer ] 死亡塔 ( Game Of Death II )



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