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Movie Story:

Kabir Singh 2019 Movie Story

A desperate man makes a deal with the devil in hopes of making all his earthly dreams come true.

But when he is called upon to live up to his end of the Faustian bargain, he soon learns that this comes with a very steep price, as those around him spiral into madness, possession and death.

Movie Review:

Kabir Singh 2019 Movie Story

The original edit of the film was over 2 hours. 4 editors took different approaches, cutting it from a linear story to the final 90 minute disrupted narrative.

The art dealer asks to buy three paintings but only names 2 of them. The script was changed before this shot because Benjamin (the writer/director and artist) didn’t want to sell one of the paintings.

Paul (Thom Murray) is a writer. His next book concerns Don Bradley (Don Brandon), a deceased artist and serial killer. As he digs into Don’s life we see we what happened and the influence of Baal (Eric Wolfgang Nelson) in them. And it begins to spill over into Paul’s life.

He begins to hear and see strange things in the house. There are strange phone calls asking for Don. Actually, the fact there’s a functioning landline in the house is even stranger than the idea of ghosts. Are they real, or the results of battles with his own inner demons.


Movie Cast And Deals:

Director:          Benjamin Thomas

Writer:              Benjamin Thomas

Stars:                  Eric Wolfgang NelsonDon BrandonThom Murray |

DEAL WITH THE DEVIL” (Movie Trailer)

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