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The full flick of Chi La Sow star Sushanth and Ruhani Sharma has allegedly been leaked on torrent sites and its free transfer can take a toll on its assortment at the box workplace.

Just daily once it hit the screens, some extralegal websites have discharged Chi La Sow and that they square measure providing the complete flick for gratis transfer
This pirated copy of Chi La Sow was apparently recorded throughout its screening in a very theatre. The viewers, United Nations agency have downloaded the copy, say that its video and audio and quality isn’t sensible and you can not feel the $64000 expertise of the flick. They advise the fans to observe the film in cinema halls.

Chi La Sow Movie Release Trailer  Movie Story

Chi La Sow could be a romantic comedy that has been written and directed by actor Rahul Ravindran. The flick is regarding Arjun (Sushanth), United Nations agency could be a Salman Khan fan and a Hanuman loverand needsto stay a bachelor for all times like them. What happens once his friends and mother force him to induce hitched forms the crux of the story.
Chi La Sow deals with a singular story that has smitten a chord with the audience. however the flick suffered a happening at the box workplace because of some aspects. The film discharged with Goodachari and completeman and will not get enough variety of cinema halls.

Chi La Sow Movie Release Trailer   

The inconvenience of the film within the close theatres could lead filmgoers to transfer its pirated copy from torrents.

Chi La Sow has collected just about Rs three large integer gross at the worldwide box workplace within the 1stweekend and has attained Rs one.43 large integer for its distributors, United Nations agency have shelled out around Rs five large integer on its theatrical rights. The flick is troubled to recover their investments. Now, its free transfer is ready to burn a hole in their pocket.


 Rahul Ravindran


 Rahul Ravindran (dialogue), Rahul Ravindran (screenplay) |


 Sushanth, Ruhani Sharma, Vennela Kishore


Cast overview:
Sushanth Arjun
Ruhani Sharma Ruhani Sharma Anjali
Vennela Kishore Vennela Kishore
Anu Hassan Anu Hassan Arjun’s Mom
Rahul Ramakrishna Rahul Ramakrishna
Sanjay Swaroop Sanjay Swaroop
Vidyullekha Raman Vidyullekha Raman
Rohini Rohini








Release Date:

 3 August 2018

Chi La Sow teaser | Chi La Sow trailer

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