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Movie Story:
This is box title

The title character in “Hannah,” a drama set in Belgium, is compete by Charlotte Rampling. within the film’s 1st shot, we tend to see her in close-up from a rather elevated angle.

Her face is pale and appears somewhat stressed, however what’s extremely placing is what we tend to hear. Her voice is creating a wierd, keening, undulating sound, not not like associate animal in desperation or pain.

Before the shot ends, Hannah’s face relaxes somewhat as she listens to a different girl, off-screen, build an analogous set of sounds.


Movie review:

succeeding shots show Hannah et al seated on the ground, performing some form of exercise. although this feels like it might be a variety of group psychotherapy, we tend to later perceive that it’s associate amateur theater cluster warming up for rehearsals.

though we tend to area unit shortly diode aloof from that initial shot, its opaque suggestion of smothered desperation calls to mind a word that’s bound to seem in reviews of “Hannah”: miserabilism.

That term is outlined as “the quality of ostensible to get pleasure from being depressed, or the kind of gloomy music, art, etc., that evokes this.” In fashionable cinema, miserabilism after all features a respectable pedigree that runs from Antonioni’s collaborations with Monica Vitti, through such Bresson films as

“Une Femme Douce” and “L’Argent,” right down to up to date filmmakers as well as archangel Haneke, Aki Kaurismaki and therefore the Dardenne brothers. however these films gift their gloominess in contexts of real inventive purpose and original vision, not as associate finish unto itself.

Director                                              Matthew I. Schmidt

Writer                                                  Matthew I. Schmidt

Stars                                                      Brandon Burkley, Patrick Finegan, Laura Goellner |

Genres                                                  Horror

Country                                                USA

Language                                            English

Release Date                                      5 October 2018 (USA) 

Filming Location                             Southern New Jersey, USA

Happy Birthday Hannah – Trailer

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