BitComet Torrent Client Free Download Full Version

BitComet Torrent Client Free Download Full Version
BitComet Torrent Client Free Download Full Version


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BitComet Torrent Client Full (Review)

BitComet is a free torrent client with some really nice features, such as a virus scanner and the ability to manage your torrents from a browser while away from your computer.

Because BitComet arranges your downloads into separate folders, and can be used with non-torrent files, it also functions as a nice download organiser

BitComet Torrent Client For Pros

  • Isn’t difficult to use
  • Lets you build your own torrents
  • Supports a clear and simple design
  • Can use your virus software to scan every download
  • Portable version is available
  • Schedule unique bandwidth limitations for every day of the week
  • Free from advertisement

More Features In BitComet

  • BitComet can be installed on Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000, and Server 2003
  • The toolbar, status bar, and other windows can be hidden from BitComet to create a very clean, uncluttered interface
  • BitComet can open local torrent files, magnet links, URLs, and URL lists for bulk downloading
  • The list of torrents you have in the queue can be backed up and restored later
  • Integration can be enabled in Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Chrome to make it easier and quicker to add torrents into BitComet
  • The contents of the clipboard can be detected automatically so the moment you copy a download link, BitComet will immediately ask you to start the download
  • A search bar lets you enter a search term for a torrent, but the results open in your web browser – they’re not shown within BitComet
  • Auto shutdown settings can be configured to shutdown, reboot, hibernate, sleep, or quit BitComet after torrents are done downloading or at a specified time
  • Torrent Exchange is a feature that lets BitComet users share torrent links with other peers while downloading
  • A floating window lets you always have access to drag files into BitComet to download them, or drag local files to it for sharing with others
  • Tagged downloads can be put into separate folders to automatically organize your files
  • A comments section is available for every torrent, which shows comments made by other BitComet users
  • While downloading torrents, lots of information is displayed, such as the transfer info, hash, start time, remaining size of the download, remaining time before it completes, the files you’re downloading, all the peers, and many other statistics
  • You can login to your CometID account to reportedly accelerate your download speeds
  • Many advanced options can also be edited, including disk cache settings and the Remote Download feature

My Thoughts On BitComet

At first, BitComet may seem cluttered and confusing, but it can easily be transformed into an open design that’s super simple to use. You can just hide the toolbar and other windows to put aside the things you aren’t using and make room for downloading and sharing files.

Remote Download is a section of BitComet’s advanced settings that lets you enable access to the program from a web browser on a different computer (even when you’re not home).

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